What is LEGO Club?

The LEGO Club is an entirely FREE-to-join club for LEGO fans of all ages. When your child wishes to join LEGO Club, you can allow them to subscribe to the free LEGO Club Magazine, access the safe and secure LEGO Club website, and even sign up to attend exclusive member events in your area. You can also receive the LEGO Club email newsletter, with the most up to date LEGO news and features when it re-launches soon. You can sign up here

What is LEGO Club Magazine?

The LEGO Club offers a FREE magazine that is mailed to your home five times a year (January, March, June, September, and November). 

You can sign your child up to receive LEGO Club Magazine right here!  


We have changed the cover of the LEGO Club Magazine slightly – we’ve introduced a coloured brick to differentiate between the different editions that we produce.

You can choose one of two magazines:
‘Red’ is for the kind of LEGO Club member who loves their vehicles, robots and battling ninjas, building worlds full of good guys and villains!

‘Yellow’ is for the kind of LEGO Club member who loves their crafting, castles and colourful animals, building worlds full of caring and sharing...and fewer things go bang!

 It may be that your child won’t notice anything different, but we expect a little bit of chopping and changing while we make sure everyone gets the kind of magazine that they want! Your choice of LEGO Club Magazine can be changed at any time by speaking to Customer Service. You can do this by email or telephone and you can find the relevant information by clicking here Customer Service.

How long will I have to wait for my child's first magazine to arrive?

Depending on the method of sign-up, your country, the shipping schedule of the magazine and other factors beyond our control, it can take from 6 to 16 weeks before your child's first magazine arrives. We know this can feel like a terribly long time to a child, so we're constantly working to bring that time down. In the meantime, your child can visit our online, interactive versions here

What is the LEGO Club Email Newsletter?

With a parent's permission, members of the LEGO Club can subscribe to a monthly LEGO Club Email Newsletter to receive exclusive LEGO Club news, building steps and contests by email.

What will my child find at

The official LEGO Club website at is full of exclusive content for LEGO Club members, including:

An interactive version of LEGO Club Magazine.

Engaging and entertaining videos, including the LEGO Club Show.

Exclusive building steps for models that will help your child get the most out of his or her LEGO collection.

The latest LEGO news stories, previews and “behind the bricks” interviews.

...and more!

How does the LEGO Club handle my own and my child's personal information?

The LEGO Club website (and all of complies with all child safety regulations. Your child's identity and personal information will be kept private and secure at all times.  At LEGO Club, we believe that trust and safety are just as important as fun. We ask for personal information so that we can send the correct age-appropriate magazine to your child, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

What is the difference between LEGO Club, LEGO ID, and the LEGO VIP Program, and how do they work together?

LEGO ID is a way for to recognise you or your child from visit to visit by allowing you to log in with a username and password across the whole site.

The LEGO VIP Program rewards for purchases made at online, on the phone or in our LEGO Brand Stores. The VIP Program is for LEGO fans ages 13 and over, and is not linked to LEGO Club.  

Having a LEGO ID, joining the LEGO VIP Program or My LEGO Network does not make you a member of the LEGO Club! You can sign your child up to become a LEGO Club member right here!

How do I change our address or other details?

Just contact Customer Services and they'll happily make any changes to your information.

Can I cancel my membership? How do I do that?

You can cancel your membership at any time by getting in touch with Customer Services


Being a LEGO Club member lets a young LEGO fan become part of a world-wide community of talented, creative and incredibly imaginative fellow builders, all in a completely safe and secure way. We are very proud of the experience offered by the LEGO Club, and we are always working to improve and add to it. Whether your child is just joining us or has been a member for years, we think you'll both have a great time!