Inside Scoop

Unlock 500 Chima Vault Points!

Your LEGO® Club exclusive Chima Vault Code is:


This code unlocks 500 POINTS in the Chima Vault which you can spend on Rewards like ringtones, wallpapers, ‘behind-the-scenes’ artwork, exclusive movies and ‘bloopers’, plus special in-game items and more! New Rewards are added all the time so keep checking back!

How to enter your code!

Make sure that you're signed in using your LEGO ID* so you can collect all your points in one place! If you don’t have one you’ll have to sign up first.

2) Type your code in the box and click through!

Go to the Vault now!

You can find more Chima Vault codes on the Chima Website, inside magazines, in LEGO products and elsewhere. Some are easy to find, some are a challenge and others are hidden, so keep a sharp eye out for them!

*What's LEGO ID?
LEGO ID is a way for to recognize you from visit to visit by allowing you to log in with a nickname and password. Having a LEGO ID as well as LEGO Club membership lets you do things like upload pictures and keep all your Chima points!