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A LEGO® Birthday Present for ‘The Tube’!

Hi, Max here!

The London Underground, the oldest underground train system in the world, is 150 years old this year! Happy Birthday to ‘The Tube’!

To celebrate Transport for London asked Duncan Titmarsh, the UK’s only LEGO® Certified Professional, to build five special LEGO Tube Maps! They show the development of the network over a century and a half, the past, present and future!

The famous Tube Map!

Even in the Tube’s early days, the map of all the lines and stations got a little messy! Then in 1931 the designer Harry Beck redrew it as a diagram, with straighter lines and moving the stations around to make it clearer. This way of drawing underground railway maps proved very popular, with many cities round the world copying the idea. The modern map of The Tube is almost the same 70 years later!

A Trip by Tube!

I was invited to the unveiling of the 2020 Tube Map at Kings Cross St Pancras station. Instead of flying or driving in one of the LEGO Creator models as usual, I decided to take a London Underground train. Even though I’m very small it’s very hard to get lost, as the map is so clear and easy to understand!


There were lots of photographers and TV people but I got to meet Duncan and check out the build. He invited me to help out with his next top secret LEGO project! Very exciting!

London Underground facts!

-      The first underground railway in the world opened in 1863

-      There are now 270 stations

-      There is 402km of track, almost half of the lines are deep underground!

-      It carries four MILLION passengers A DAY!

-      There are more than 70 unused or demolished stations. Aldwych was closed in 1994 but is maintained in working condition, with its own train, as a location for filming movies and TV programmes!

Other Transit System Records!

Most stations: New York City Subway, USA
Busiest: Tokyo Subway System, Japan

Longest track length: Seoul Metropolitan Subway, South Korea

Deepest (average): St. Petersburg Metro, Russia