Many countries around the world begin celebrating many fun holiday traditions in December. From Advent Calendars to special gift ceremonies, it's a time where families come together to celebrate their cultural history, background, and customs. One popular holiday tradition is opening the Advent Calendar from December 1st to the 24th. There are three different LEGO Advent Calendars, and we talked the designers to see what other special holiday traditions take place in the world of LEGO!

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is a special tradition originating from Germany. It is used to celebrate the 24 days leading up to Christmas on the 25th of December. Often each day comes with a special surprise, either an image, a poem, a chocolate treat, or even part of a story that continues over the 24 days.

But with LEGO Advent Calendars, each day comes with a new micro-build, minifigure, or other special surprise! Can you imagine what’s in store in this year's Advent Calendars? We asked the designers of three LEGO Advent Calendars, what the tradition and the holiday season meant to them.

Samuel Thomas Johnson – LEGO City Advent Calendar Designer

"My sisters and I had an Advent Calendar every year, and we still continue to have one every year. We’re just big kids really, and I was VERY excited to work on the 2012 LEGO Advent Calendar! Before I got my job as a LEGO Designer, I was working in a toy shop, so I had seen how excited kids get when they see the LEGO Advent Calendars in stores. It is an honor to have my designs in the 2012 calendar. One of our new product lines for LEGO City in 2012 is Forest Fire, so we thought that it would be a great opportunity to add more play scenes. This set is a great way to get more Forest Fire Fighter Minifigures! You will also find that this is the first model that includes yellow skis for your figures to race around in the snow this winter."