Holiday Traditions LEGO Style continued...

Jens Kronvold Frederiksen – LEGO Star Wars™ Advent Calendar Designer

"Here in Denmark we have a long tradition with Advent calendars. As a kid I always had several. My favorite was the one containing chocolate. At that time there was no LEGO advent calendars. If there had been, I am sure that one would have been opened before the one with chocolate! After seeing how popular the other LEGO advent calendars were, we were extremely excited about being asked to make a LEGO Star WarsTM Advent calendar as well. We first decided how many minifigures, accessories for minifigures and mini vehicles it should contain. Then we chose an overall theme that made sense. I don’t want to tell you exactly what it contains. But we always have some special exclusive models and figures included for the last days in the Calendar!!"

Rosario Costa – LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Designer

"Surprises everyday is so exciting. And when every surprise you get everyday has something to do with building it makes it even more exciting. It is very exciting to put LEGO Friends in a new and different winter environment. It is also an enjoyable challenge to create cute small models for each day. We always take our starting point from the story we want to tell and what characters and animals fit the model. We also think how the model and story fits with the whole LEGO Friends Universe. Some special surprises are both the girls in the set, the cute dog and the snow man. The characters also have beautiful winter clothing which is unique to this set."