Inside Scoop

Hop aboard Max's Helicopter Tour!

Hi, Max here!

I’m just off for a flight around LEGO City to see the sights in this cool LEGO Creator Aviation Adventures helicopter! I can show you the new Cargo Airport, the Museum, the Fire House and we can watch the Coast Guard at work! Come along, we’ll have an amazing view!

This modern flyer rebuilds from the awesome aerobatic propeller plane and features a detailed cockpit, spinning angled rotors and a hinged canopy for the pilot to get in! Thanks to the designer Morten, there’s just enough room for a Minifigure to go for a ride!

So jump aboard while you can! Later I’m going to rebuild it as a Speedboat and take it around the harbor…Don’t you love Creator vehicles?
Did you know that there are TWO MORE alternate builds on the LEGO Creator website? I think you should check it out!