Inside Scoop

What's Your Beach Personality?

Ambersands beach is the place to be during hot Heartlake City summers! The LEGO Friends all love to do different things at this cool city beach where there's something fun for everyone! Take the “What’s Your Beach Personality?” quiz to find out where you fit in at Ambersands beach!

1.  After school and on the weekends you…
    a. Relax and chill with your BFFs!
    b. Play sports and move your body!  
    c. Want to do something heart-pounding!
    d. Go out and explore the world!  

2. The best part of summer vacation is…
    a. Sleeping late!
    b. Swimming and getting outside!
    c. Waterskiing, hiking and climbing! 
    d. Exploring nature!

3. Your friends would call you…
    a. Easy Going
    b. Competitive
    c. Crazy
    d. Earthy

4. Everyone says you …
    a. Are a great listener
    b. Are a natural athlete
    c. Are the life of the party
    d. Are curious about everything

5. Your summer style is…
    a. Whatever keeps me cool and comfortable
    b. A team uniform or a bathing suit
    c. Bright and loud
    d. Simple and relaxed

6. Your summer sport is…
    a. Reading and napping!
    b. There's too many to list!
    c. Anything action-packed!
    d. Anything outdoors or with animals!

7. Your summer nights are all about…
    a. Campfires!
    b. Rest! You're exhausted by sundown!
    c. Ghost stories!
    d. Hanging with your pets!

8. Your summer snacks taste like…
    a. Whatever's in the fridge!
    b. Sports drinks and fruit!
    c. Whatever is fast and easy! 
    d. Veggies!