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Are you Fire or Ice? Take our personality quiz!

When the defeated and angry Scorpion King threw away Laval’s gift, the powerful Orb of CHI awoke Sir Fangar and the Hunter Tribes who had been frozen long, long ago. The Saber-tooth Tigers, Mammoths and Vultures emerged with glowing bones and set about seeking vengeance and conquest! Everything they touch turns to ice, ready to be delivered to Sir Fangar’s creepy frozen collection. Laval and his friends had no defense against them.

Just as it seemed that Chima was about to suffer an eternal ice age, Eris discovered the Phoenix Fire Temple hidden on Mount Cavora! The ancient tribe had revealed themselves to bring the secrets of the Fire CHI to Chima’s animal tribes! If our heroes can prove themselves worthy and can master the fire, the scene is set for a mighty struggle for the survival of Chima!

So, whose side are YOU on? Are you fiery and hot-headed or are you icy cool? Find out with my FIRE AND ICE QUIZ!