Inside Scoop

Turn up your purple power!

Get eight Lilac bricks to craft some rare weapons, gear and armor with our LEGO® Club EXCLUSIVE unlock for LEGO Legends of CHIMA™ Online!

Just head to, click the green redeem button, and enter the code:

You may have already tried the free-to-play action-adventure web game set in the World of CHIMA and explored the unforgiving forests, dark dungeons and cavernous brick mines! If you haven’t, then there’s never been a better time to join the fight against the Crocs and their allies! For CHIMA!

- Customize your very own Lion, Eagle, Gorilla or Bear warrior!
- Build and expand your outpost!
- Craft powerful weapons and armor!
- Gather your friends to complete missions and solve puzzles!

We’ve been given an exclusive unlock code for some very special elements to help you in your adventures – Lilac colored bricks!  With this code you’ll receive five 1x1 bricks and three 2x1 bricks in special LILAC to use when crafting customized weapons, gear and armor...anything you like to fit your personal style!

What’s a ‘Beta’?
LEGO® Chima Online hasn’t officially launched yet, but don’t worry, you can still play it!

Right now the game is still in ‘Open Beta’. This means it’s pretty much finished but we’re double-checking everything, finding all the little bugs and errors. While this is happening we need as many people as possible involved, so if you play now you’re helping us create the game! Your account and anything you create, purchase or level up during this beta phase will not be lost.