Inside Scoop

Meet the Gorillas!

Somewhere in the jungle, the Gorilla tribe is probably lying in the grass and daydreaming. Even though they're the strongest and most agile warriors in all of Chima, they do way more yoga than battling.

This "live and let live" bunch believes in peace, love and harmony – except, of course, if you trash their land! That's when they go bananas.

They could crush anything that stood in their way but they'd rather be known for their good advice. Other than that, the biggest threat from this tribe is their bone-crushing hugs.
Members of this tribe include Gorzan, their super-sensitive leader who's always stopping to smell the flowers; G'Loona, his lovable little sister; and Gordo, the gorilla guru in search of the ultimate enlightenment – The Great Mellow.

You won't usually find them on the battlefield, but if you do, look out! With bodies and mechs built for crushing, everyone avoids riling them up. Even then, the Gorillas never deliver a pounding without an apology!