Inside Scoop

Meet the Ravens!

Deep in the land of Chima, the Raven tribe has its beaks in everyone's business. These master thieves and slick salesbirds have earned a reputation for stealing and dealing just about everything. Anyone brave enough to pay them a visit should be prepared to have their valuables swindled out of their grasp and sold to the highest bidder.

These feathered warriors live in junkyard Nest Forts where the mazelike structure makes it easy to pick the pockets of visitors. Unless you’re part of their slippery scheming, it is best to avoid all contact with the Ravens.
The head hustlers of the tribe are Razar, a money-hungry merchant; Rawsom, their gold-beaked leader; Rizzo, a scruffy scavenger; and Razcal, their official accountant. They may all look different, but beware, dealing with any of them is a bad idea.

Lots of Chima animals learn about the Ravens the hard way… when they have to buy back everything the Ravens have swiped from them! No matter what you need, the Ravens can get it … but it'll always cost you.