Inside Scoop

Meet the Rhinos and Scorpions!

These two powerful tribes play key roles in the conflict now raging on Chima. Check out the inside information on the Rhinos and the Scorpions.

The Rhinos

Big, strong, and not very bright, the Rhinos are pretty easy to talk into doing things. That’s how they wound up on Cragger’s side in the battle over CHI, but they were never really bad guys at heart. They are perfectly happy now that everyone is on the same side, fighting the Scorpions, Spiders and Bats. Just point them in the right direction and let them smash stuff.

The Scorpions

Leaders of the attack on Chima’s CHI, the Scorpions are basically bullies. People do what they want because it is less trouble than disagreeing with them. They use their claws and their powerful stingers in combat. The Scorpions just evolved from exposure to CHI very recently, so they are still getting used to walking on two legs. The Scorpions are led by Scorcher. Scorcher is incredibly impatient and can’t stand the fact that conquering the world is taking so long.