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The Making of LEGO® Legends of Chima! Part One!

If you're lucky you might have caught the first episodes of LEGO®: Legends of Chima, the awesome new animated series telling the story of the quarrelling animal-tribes and the all-powerful CHI!

LEGO Club met the team behind the TV Show, Tommy Anderson from the LEGO Company and scriptwriter John Derevlany! We were given HUNDREDS of sketches, concept paintings and animations so everything you see in this three part feature is a LEGO Club EXCLUSIVE!
Hi Tommy and John! How are you?

Great, but overworked! Right now there are just too many exciting things going on, like the new NINJAGO! I’m also keeping John busy...

Pardon? I was so BUSY I didn’t hear you!
When did you first get involved with LEGO Chima?

The beginning! I work in the team that creates these “home grown” ideas for LEGO sets, so we’re always looking for something that feels big and can be a TV show, a comic book, a video game…