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Max at the top of the world!

Join Max on an expedition to the North Pole! Wrap up warm!
Hi, Max Here!

I’ve taken a dog sled ride from LEGO City all the way to the North Pole to check out the discovery of some mysterious crystals deep in the ice! It’s all very exciting and I’ve taken lots of photos, but now the scientists at Base Camp tell me that they’ve misplaced one of the crystals! Can you see this red crystal anywhere in my pictures?

Did you know?

There is no land beneath the ice at the North Pole and the ice sheets are continually moving. This means that Base Camp at the North Pole is actually in a different place every day!

Recovering the crystals...a real challenge!

The crystals were discovered some way from Base Camp and they have to use snowmobiles, ice crawlers and the helicrane to carry the heavy ice blocks.

They’re even thinking of trying to drive the Arctic Outpost – a mobile laboratory – to the dig site if the weather holds. You never know when a storm is going to close in though!

Did you know?

In winter the average temperature is -40˚c but even in summer it’s still freezing! It’s a good job that everyone at the Arctic Base Camp has extra special thermal clothing!

Another threat to Base Camp is the presence of a Polar Bear!

They’re very curious animals and always want to know what’s going on, but they’re not pets and can be very ferocious. But everyone in Camp knows they mustn’t hurt the Polar Bear if they can avoid it. Polar Bears are a ‘vulnerable’ species because so much of their habitat is melting away!

Did you know?

Polar Bears don’t eat you know why? The answer is at the bottom of the page!

Zoologists can keep tabs on Polar Bear movements by computer but first they need to be tagged! They search for them by helicopter and knock them out with a tranquiliser gun so they can attach a signalling device. It’s very dangerous work if the bear isn’t properly asleep!

ANSWER: Polar Bears live in the Arctic Circle in the North and Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere so they never meet in the wild!