Inside Scoop

Crisis at sea!

YOU are the LEGO® Coast Guard Captain! Take command of the LEGO City Coast Guard in the adventure where you are the hero!

It had been a beautiful summer day down at the shore. It seemed like everyone in LEGO City was at the beach or in the sea! This meant it had been a very hectic day for the Coast Guard! There was a beach to patrol, surfers to rescue, ships to check on...worse still, there was storm on its way!

Suddenly, a distress call comes through to the Coast Guard Control Room! A vessel out to sea is in trouble, but the message is muddled. No-one can make out its location or what kind of ship it is!

There has to be a search-and-rescue mission but all the patrols are busy!

Everyone turns to you!

"What shall we do skipper?”

Which patrol should you send to look for the ship in distress?

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