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Simon’s Automobilia!

LEGO® Creator Senior Design Manager Simon Kent challenges LEGO Club members to make more cars!

Last week Simon Kent from the Creator Design Studio gave Max a call, with a special challenge and some exclusive Car Building Tips!

Hi Simon, I hear you have a special mission for our members?
Yes Max! We want you guys to put your creative caps on and come up with some cool car designs.
Just for fun?
Yes, I want to see some more cars on the LEGO Creator Gallery and I know the LEGO Club members are the guys to do it!

What do you want to see?
Anything at all! Just as long as it’s interesting and cool!

What do you like the most about designing cars?
I always enjoy the challenge of getting the front to look cool. When you have a lot of details such as the grill, bumper, headlines, number plate, indicator lights and hood to fit in, it can be quite difficult. On top of this you have to make the surfaces curved and smooth in more than one direction which is also a fun challenge.
What was your favourite car-based set that you’ve designed?
Street Speedster 6743 and the Blue Roadster 6913. I really like this size of car. The Roadster is the right scale to have enough interesting detail, it can also fit a Minifigure if you guys want to add one, and it’s a great size to be able to play with easily.
What are some of the special techniques that you have specifically for building cars?
When designing a car make sure it’s stable when it is played with. If you push down on it, and the wheels pop up, then we have failed in designing a stable car. So we focus on creating a chassis (a frame for the bottom of the car). This is extremely important, especially when working on convertible cars where there is no roof to help add stability – this is true of real life convertibles!