Inside Scoop

LEGO Club presents the Furry Fables!

When no-one is around, the LEGO Creator Furry Creatures have the run of the house!  There’s always something to learn and a story to tell about their adventures!

The Dog and His Dish

The dog sat in the kitchen, looking up at the counter. His owner had accidentally left his dish of food up there. It was too high for the dog to reach. He tried to jump up there, but couldn’t quite make it. He was getting very hungry.

“I need some help,” said the dog. “But who can I ask?”

First, the dog went to the mouse. But the mouse said, “Sorry. I could climb up to the counter, but I am not big and strong enough to help you get there.”

Then the dog went to the rabbit. But the rabbit said, “I would help you if I could, but I cannot hop as high as the counter.”

Now the dog did not know what to do. The only other animal he could talk to was the cat. He and the cat were not friends. In fact, they fought all the time. “The cat will never help me,” said the dog.

And so the dog sat and sat on the kitchen floor, staring up at his dish and getting hungrier all the time. Then a funny sort of scraping sound caught his attention. He turned to see the cat struggling to push the kitchen chair over to him.

“Help me,” said the cat. “Then you can jump on the chair and jump from the chair to the counter.” The dog went over to the cat and, together, they pushed the chair over to where the food dish was. “Why are you helping me?” said the dog. 

The cat thought for a moment, and then said, “Because you needed help. Sure, you bark at me and chase me sometimes, but ... when there’s trouble, we all have to stick together.”

And from then on, the dog knew that sometimes you can find friends in the most unexpected places.