Inside Scoop

Meet LEGO® Creator Designer
Andy Seenan...Treehouse Technician!

Everyone at LEGO Club loves the LEGO Creator studios and wouldn’t miss a chance to meet the designers, if only to play with their bricks! Recently we met with Andrew Hugh Seenan - trombonist, soccer player, bad snowboarder and the man behind the new Treehouse set. We then bought him a coffee, his building drink!

Thanks for talking to us Andrew! Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?
My name's Andy and my role is to try and build lots of cool models, filled with exciting features and functions. The Treehouse was really fun. We wanted to do one for a while and we’re really glad we’ve finally made it!

What are its cool features?
It’s packed with them! There’s a ladder that folds up and down. A bucket that can be lowered and filled with water (or frogs!). There’s a lookout post with a telescope to spot anyone from far away and you can tip whatever you collected from the pond onto anyone trying to climb up!
Then you have a den at the top of the tree with a sleeping bag for when you don’t want to sleep in your usual boring bed. There’s even a secret area in the tree where a map is hidden that shows the location of treasure! Finally, you can lug everything around (including pizza!) with the wagon and if you ever get lonely there’s always your trusted dog to keep you company...although he finds it hard to climb up the ladder!