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Create Worlds and Design New Inventions!

In levels 1 and 2, the Master Builder Academy taught you techniques that enabled you to build awesome models. You mastered Sideways Building, Balance, Locking and more! But now that you have cool models, they need a world to interact with.

Explore new LEGO MBA levels 3 and 4

Level 3 of LEGO MBA helps you develop the skills needed to literally build a whole world out of your LEGO bricks. Just like Max needs a world to explore during his adventures, your minifigures and models come to life in an environment. Creating a story that your models fit into helps you imagine a whole universe built out of LEGO bricks. In Level 3, LEGO Designer Nicholas Groves introduces you to the techniques of Story Building and Modular Building. Both of these combine adventure and mystery with building to help you send your models and your minifigures on the quest of a lifetime!
Once you have an amazing story to tell, Level 4 shows you how to become a LEGO Model Inventor Designer! LEGO Designer Mark Stafford introduces you to the crazy-cool world of Steampunk, and describes how you can use your LEGO bricks to mimic the look and feel of steam powered machines, old fashioned robots and flying dirigibles. With the techniques Machinery and Materials, you’ll be well on your way to creating new inventions the likes of which the world has never seen ... all built out of LEGO bricks!

Using these techniques, what new models are you going to build with your LEGO collection? Maybe you’ll create an incredible model for Cool Creations, or win a contest with your new building ability. Maybe even design a model for a LEGO brick stop-motion animation movie!