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The Galaxy Squad Needs YOU!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of the high-flying, justice-serving, star-saving Galaxy Squad? Take the quiz below and find out!

1. If someone is in danger, what is the first thing you do?
a. Rescue them from harm’s way
b. Call someone else for help
c. Laugh at them! Hahahaha!
2. What is your ideal breakfast?
a. Justice!
b. Cereal and toast
c. Gribleblork hash and eggs!

3. How well do you know your way around the Ice Planet Zorax?
a. I give safety tours there every Saturday and Sunday
b. Ice Planet? The Zor-what??
c. Yes, it’s great to have a nice cold snack there when it’s hot.
4. You’re happiest when you are:
a. Protecting the weak
b. Sitting at home watching LEGO Club TV
c. Conquering solar systems with my sticky cocoons!

5. What’s your mode of transportation?
a. The Bug Obliterator!
b. My bicycle or skateboard!
c. The Hive Crawler!
6. Would you consider yourself a hero?
a. Absolutely!
b. Hmm...maybe sometimes
c. I consider myself more of a conqueror!

7. What are you hoping to get for your birthday this year?
a. New Blaster Boots (Galaxy Squad Patent Pending)
b. Some new LEGO sets
c. I want everything!


Mostly A’s
Wow, you’re a good candidate for the Galaxy Squad! You have a heart for justice, and the galaxy can depend on you to help in a time of need! All you need to do is fire up the thrusters on your star ship and join the fight to save the galaxy.

Mostly B’s
You’re not there yet, but you have potential! Study the stars, and maybe take a few blaster pistol classes, and you’ll be able to join the Galaxy Squad in no time!

Mostly C’s
Hey, how did you get here!? You sound like an alien bug to me! You better watch out for the Galaxy Squad, because they’ve got some new recruits and you and your sticky cocoons are going down!

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