Inside Scoop

Hack your lantern!

Presenting the BRICK YOUR PUMPKIN Building Challenge!

Do you think your Halloween Pumpkin could be more spooky, more silly or more awesome? Well now it’s time to use your LEGO building skills to decorate, customise or rebuild a jack-o’-lantern using your LEGO Collection!

Does your pumpkin need a hat? A car? Wings?  It’s entirely up to you!

You can check out other bricked pumpkins in the Gallery now, before uploading your own!

Don’t forget that you’ll need to be signed in with a LEGO ID* to upload your pictures to the Gallery!

*What’s LEGO ID?
LEGO ID is a way for to recognise you from visit to visit by allowing you to log in with a nickname and password. Having a LEGO ID as well as LEGO Club membership lets you do things like upload pictures and keep all your Chima points!