Inside Scoop

DRAGON BOLT vs JET ROCKA! A LEGO® Club Exclusive First-Look!

This is Daniela Capricorn of Hero News Wire with an exclusive report on the ongoing battle in the streets of Makuhero City!

We’ve got first-look footage of the new threat to Hero Factory, DRAGON BOLT and Professor Zib’s response, JET ROCKA!
The dragon is a rare sight these days with only a handful thought to be still in existence. Yet the evil brains from outer space found one and bent it to their will! Beware of the enlarged head with its terrifying biting jaws, the beating storm wings, lightning breath and razor-spiked tail! Look out for the glow-in-the-dark eyes and then aim for the brain!
To combat this flying nightmare Hero Factory has given crowd favorite Rocka a top secret upgrade, a detachable jetpack! Together they make JET ROCKA!

It features an opening protective shield head-up display, dual plasma shooters, four flick missiles, ultra-sharp plasma wingblades and massive ion engines! ROCKA himself features the new locking clamps to protect his Hero Core and his own advanced-tech HUD visor to access the latest battle intel when away from his jetpack!
Can JET ROCKA stop DRAGON BOLT without destroying the innocent dragon? Only time will tell! This is Daniela Capricorn for Hero News Wire, signing off!