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Making Max Move: How the Holiday Episode of LEGO Club TV was Created

What goes on behind the scenes of an episode of Adventures of Max!

There’s only one Max, but there’s a lot of people behind him that create the episodes of his adventures for LEGO Club TV! To find out just how an episode gets started, created, and finished, LEGO Club sat down to interview Garrett Barati, stop motion animator, and the LEGO Club TV Team in Enfield, Connecticut.

Garrett Barati - Stop Motion Animator

What do you do?

I am a stop motion animator. I take concepts and scripts and then plan sets and action, and then shoot many pictures of actual LEGO sets and minifigures to create an animation. Others normally help with the audio, but I pretty much create little LEGO movies by moving things just a little bit at a time!

How long have you been working with stop-motion animation?

I sort of fell into stop motion animation with The LEGO Group about five years ago. However, I had a degree in animation, and had spent some time at a major stop motion studio about twelve years ago as a storyboard artist. So the process was not entirely new to me, but I didn't actually animate myself until I started doing so with LEGO bricks.