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How to use a Club Code!

Step 1: Find a Club Code

You can find Club Codes in many places in a LEGO® Club Magazine. They look like this! Using a Club Code online can take you to more stories, comics and other awesome stuff!

Step 2: Go to

Once you've found a code in the LEGO Club Magazine, you need to go to the LEGO Club website (you're already here!).

Step 3: Type in the Club Code

You made it to the LEGO Club website, now click on the Club Code box and type in the code from your magazine. In this example we are using the Club Code CAR


If you type the code in wrong, you'll get a screen like this. Don't worry, you can always go back and try again.

You did it!

When you type the code in correctly, you will see the message 'Club Code Worked!' It may ask you to download a PDF or watch a video- just click on those links when they come up.

Have Fun!