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Meet the stars of 2014’s hottest film: THE LEGO® MOVIE!

As THE LEGO® MOVIE hits the cinemas, bringing an awesome adventure and an exciting world to explore, it’s time to meet some brand new friends...and a few bad guys!


President Business

President Business is a brilliant CEO who secretly wants to control the world! But what is his terrible plan, and can Emmett stop it in time?


Bad Cop

Bad Cop is a hard-nosed police officer. He has a Good Cop side and a Bad Cop side, but ever since he started running President Business’ Super Secret Police, his Bad Cop side has been in charge. And he’s not going to rest until Emmet is disassembled and the piece on his back is in President Business’ hands.



Benny is a classic spaceman from 1979. His helmet cracked but he claims the oxygen leak has not affected his brain at all. He’s really good at reel-to-reel punch card computers, if that situation ever arises.