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Meet Chris Pratt, Star of THE LEGO® MOVIE™!

LEGO Club Magazine got the chance to sit down with Chris Pratt, star of THE LEGO® MOVIE™! Chris does the voice of Emmet, the everday minifigure who gets mistaken for a hero.

How long have you been an actor?
I have been acting professionally for about 13 years.

What was your favorite part about voice acting in THE LEGO® MOVIE™?
I really love the directors. It was fun to work with Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett as well as the other characters (that's not typical in voice over). We got to go back and forth and really felt like we were part of the collaborative process. I was able to improv some lines.
How long did it take to finish voicing your parts of the movie?
I did my work over several months in about 10 or 11 different sessions, each of which lasted 4 to 5 hours.

Have you ever done voice acting before?
I've never done anything on this scale. This was by far the biggest job like this I've ever done.

Did you play with LEGO bricks or LEGO sets as a kid?
I sure did! Who didn't!? But when I was a kid they didn't come with instructions to build things, at least the ones I played with didn't. It was just a big bucket of raw bricks and we used our imaginations as to what to build. My nephews are big fans of LEGO building and make all kinds of things, both using the instructions and using their imaginations.

Do you have any tips for LEGO Club Members who are interested in becoming actors?
Watch lots of movies. Watch lots of plays. Start writing your own plays and doing performances for your friends and family. Believe in yourself. Find what makes you unique and go with it!

Thanks, Chris! We can’t wait to see the movie!