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See London's Giant LEGO® Advent Calendar!

The BUILD-UP to Christmas!

If you celebrate Christmas there's nothing like an Advent Calendar... opening each box to find out what's there, each one counting down the days to the big one! That was why the LEGO® Company in the UK decided that this year there would be a big one...a really, really big one!
In London's Covent Garden, LEGO Certified Professional Duncan Titmarsh has used over:
- 600,000 bricks
- in over 30 colors

To make a calendar:
- 17 ft tall
- 10ft wide
- 3ft deep!

It took a team of five SEVEN WEEKS to build!There are 24 windows, each 18 inches square and featuring a new surprise behind each door.
Max's Facts:
- A tower of 600,000 bricks would be 18,897ft tall!
- The Biggest Advent Calendar EVER was 233ft long and 75ft tall!