Inside Scoop

LEGO® Club EXCLUSIVE! Law & order has come to the Old West in
the LEGO® The Lone Ranger™ game!


Save a desert town from crooks and bandits in the American Old West with these tips and tricks for our new web game! Ride with our mysterious heroes, the Lone Ranger and the resourceful Tonto, to foil the robbers’ wicked plans!


The bad guys are loose all over town:

The Silver Mine!

Ruffians are sneaking in to steal the silver right off the mine cart! Fight off the bad guys and get it safely to the bank!

• When mining for silver, make sure to fill the cart three times!
• Use the dynamite to keep the bad guys away!

The Stagecoach!

Bandits have pulled off a daring bank raid and they’re escaping! Chase them down in the stagecoach and stop them before they reach the border!

• Use your dynamite to blast a clear path! You can collect extra dynamite as you drive.
• Steer the stagecoach over the silver, but avoid obstacles in your path! They'll slow you down!

The Train Chase!

Robbers have hijacked the Constitution Train! Can you dodge the explosives, get past the bad guys and stop the train in time?

• Running on top of the train isn't as easy as it looks! Remember to crouch to avoid birds.
• Watch out for the dynamite, stay out of range!
• Don't miss the silver hidden between the train cars!