Inside Scoop

The further adventures of the ROBOT ROCKER!

Daniele Benedettelli is a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Expert. He is one of the robotics wizards and LEGO fans that helped design and test the new LEGO MINDSTORMS ‘brain’, the EV3 Brick!

This set lets you build a robot and give it the power to move, see and hear with special sensors and motors! Then use the ‘intelligent brick’, a powerful mini-computer, to give your creation a brain of its own!

Tell us about The El3ctric Guitar!

I'm now creating robots using the new set and the El3ctric Guitar is my favorite! It's not exactly a robot, but it is a real musical instrument made out of LEGO bricks!

Dave Parker made one about six years ago but now the idea has been totally updated! You can play it like a guitar by stroking the single string and sliding your finger on the fretless neck. You can even bend notes using the tremolo bar! It’s ready to rock!

...and what about LEGONARDO the portrayer robot?

My last big project using the old NXT brick! It’s inspired by the 18th Century drawing machines (called ‘automata’) created by Henri Maillardet and others. They were amazing clockwork devices that could sketch an image over and over again. LEGONARDO is the conclusion of years of work!