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Which Mixel Tribe Do You Belong To?

Where would you be in the mixed-up, manic and madcap world of the Mixels? How would you combine with your friends? Are you buzzy? Hot & bothered? Down to earth? Or are you a grumpy spoil-sport like the Nixels?

Below are five everyday situations. Choose answer that applies to you. You can also select something you’d like to do if you only dared!

Write down your answer, A, B, C or D, for each question so you’ll remember them all. Then at the end of the quiz, click on the letter you chose most often and we’ll tell you which Mixel you’re most like!

So, let the rad fun begin! Let’s get mixel!

1) What’s your favorite color?
A. A fizzy, blinking, sparkling yellow?
B. A deep, powerful and solid grey?
C. A sizzling, glowing red?
D. Black. It goes with everything, especially if everything else is painted black!

2) What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?
A. Seeing the Northern Lights! (Earth’s magnetic field in action!)
B. Spelunking! (That’s investigating caves!)
C. Anywhere really hot!
D. Holiday? With all those pointless Mixes and Maxes to put a stop to?

3) You’re building a science project. What do you build?
A. Something with light bulbs, probably involving potatoes and maybe explosions!
B. The thing with the volcano that shakes, erupts and oozes lovely lava everywhere!
C. Something where you burn different metals to see what color the flame is...under adult supervision of course!
D. Nothing. You hand in a 300 page essay with no diagrams or pictures, concluding that nothing should change, ever!

4) If you played soccer, what position would you play?
A. You’re an electric, nippy winger with a stinging cross!
B. You’d be a solid, powerful central defender who wouldn’t let anyone past you!
C. You’re a red-hot striker!
D. You’d be the ref. You’d make sure everyone stuck by the rules, but no-one had any fun!

5) Your favorite food is...
A. Fizzy drinks! You’ll have something sensible later...
B. Big bowls of pasta, loafs of white bread and other filling stodgy stuff!
C. Spicy curry and no water!
D. One type of food at a time, kept on different plates with no mixing-up or sauces allowed...

Now click on the letter you chose most often!