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The Rise of the Nindroids!

Join the Masters of Spinjitzu in our adventure where you choose the action!
The story so far...

The Ninja might have thought that teaching New Ninjago City’s children at “Wu’s Youth Academy” was less than thrilling, but now they have all the excitement they can handle!

Everyone had been enjoying their new gadgets, but the technological wizardry of businessman Cyrus Borg turns out to have had an evil source, Digital Overlord! Suddenly everyone is enslaved by his ninja robots, the Nindroids, lead by the devious General Cryptor. Worse still, Sensei Wu has been captured and is being held in the Borg Industries Tower!

The Overlord wants to use the power of the Golden Ninja to find physical form again, so Lloyd has to keep away! He’s headed to Nya’s Samurai Mountain Retreat with his father Sensei Garmadon, leaving the others to save the city!

The remaining Ninja (and one Samurai) are discussing what to do next!

“Whoop! We’re in charge again!” said Jay.

“Is that all you can think of, seriously?” said Kai.

“First things first!” interrupted Cole. “We have to split up and create a distraction so Lloyd can get away.
Nya, head for the school, make sure the kids are OK.  Kai, head back into the city and make some trouble!  Zane, head for the mountains and draw off any pursuit.  I’m going to head for the Tower with Jay and see if I can find a weakness. Everyone got it?”

“Who put you in charge?” moaned Jay.

“Oh stop it you two!” cried Nya. “Sounds like a plan. Then we’ll meet back here. Let’s go.”

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