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Protect the people of New York!

Become Iron Man™, Pepper Potts™ or the Iron Patriot™ with our LEGO® Club EXCLUSIVE tips and cheat codes!

Have you seen the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man™ webgame? Take control of Stark Industry’s latest technological marvels in the battle against the Extremis™ Soldiers! Fly between the famous buildings to take on their high-tech attack helicopters in your power armor!

The Click & Drag Multiplier!
You can use the mouse to select up to six targets at once! Just click and drag over them to lock-on and give yourself an awesome score multiplier!
Pepper Potts™ and Iron Patriot™!
Have your choice of armor from the Boot Room with these Cheat Codes!

Enter the code RESCUE to play as Stark Industries’ level-headed CEO Pepper Potts™ in her Mark 42 Armor!

Enter the code PATRIOT to climb into the All-American red, white and blue armor of Iron Patriot™!