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Technic goes Digital!

New 3-D virtual building steps to revolutionise construction!

For the first time ever, builders can now download the free LEGO Building Instructions app for Technic models, starting with the Hot Rod and Rally Racer set!

Sometimes, paper building instructions get lost. The new interactive mobile solution is a fun, fast and simple fix for this common creation problem. The team thought long and hard about using smart devices or tablets to enhance the Technic building experience. They wanted to do something in 3-D that allowed you to check that your functions were constructed correctly early on. Then they wanted the app to let you keep track of where you were in a model, since you often have to build for ages without being sure what bit you’re working on!

So the Technic team turned to their friends on the Mindstorms team for inspiration, as they use 3D artists to develop their concepts. An expert team of building instruction creators, app developers and 3D artists began working on the framework for this digital revolution.