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The World of Technic Meets the Mobile Crane!

The Technic Team Brings A Fan Favorite To New Heights

The biggest mobile crane ever built by the LEGO Technic team is sturdier, more realistic and is packed with the most true-to-life functions ever! Master Builders worked hard to create a perfect replica of a real life mobile crane, those giant metal monsters used to lift bridges, houses and even killer whales.
After a whole year of designing, the LEGO Technic Mobile Crane 42009 is the most complex model the Technic team has ever built, with the same cool functions as the real thing!

Technic elements, carefully designed to fit together, create this model's large linear actuators that give it hydraulic lifting power. Linear means straight line and an actuator is a type of motor. This cool feature of the Mobile Crane, creates motion in a straight line that's strong enough to lift the 30-inch crane arm and its heavy-duty hauls.

An awesome addition to the Mobile Crane's detailed V8 engine is moving pistons. Just like a real engine, when one piston is pushed down, another piston is pushed up to power the Mobile Crane's movement.