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The man who built Bricksburg!

LEGO® Club Exclusive: Max meets Michael Fuller, Lead Designer on THE LEGO® MOVIE™!

Hi, Max here!

What blows my mind about THE LEGO MOVIE is that every single vehicle, building, ship or...weird-unicorn-cat-thing...was built out of LEGO bricks first. The man behind this awesome effort was LEGO Designer Michael Fuller. He invited me over to Denmark to check out some of the models that made it onscreen and some of the ones that didn’t!

In the first part of this truly epic interview, Mike talks animation styles, Emmet’s Mech and the Bad Cops Mech that never was!
Hi Mike! Tell everybody what you do...

Hi Max! I’m a Senior LEGO Designer, so I get together some of the awesome sets you see in the shops. I spend time not only working on the ‘build up’ of each model (that’s the way a model is put together, rather than the look of the finished model), but also learning what kids are going to like.

...and what did you do on THE LEGO MOVIE?

I was the Lead Designer and Art Director. I built a lot of stuff first-hand but we had lots of people designing models. Then all the design and the build-up had to go through me, so everything looked like it all went together.
Now the Movie looks like “stop-go animation” like ‘The Adventures of Max’, but it isn’t, is it?

Nope, it’s just created by an incredibly talented group of people! That was the brief for Animal Logic, the animators in Australia – to produce a 3D computer animation that looks as real as possible.
Had anyone done this before?

No! We were nervous, but the end result is absolutely incredible. The fact that there are still people arguing on the internet as to whether this is ‘stop-go’ or not is a real testament to the work! For example, there was someone who put fake fingerprints on the animated Minifigures! Pretend fingerprints, left by pretend fingers that didn’t actually move the Minifigures! That’s awesome!