Inside Scoop

The Hollywood Party, Part One!

Max gets an invite to a big party for the cast of The LEGO® Movie!

Hi everyone!

I always get to do exciting things, but today LEGO Club has sent me to a huge Hollywood-style event to meet the cast and crew of this year’s most awesome cinema experience, The LEGO Movie!

Everyone’s here! There’s the cream of the LEGO world’s crimebusters, fire fighters, secret agents, heroes, cowboys, knights and princesses, not forgetting the garbage workers, ice cream vendors,  chefs and plumbers!  Even the pirates and ninja are getting along!

I’m going to try and catch up with the stars of the movie and ask them a few questions. I think they’re all in different rooms in the house ... where shall I go first?

Hey, don’t forget to look out for more interviews coming soon!

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